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SMART Localization Release Note 2022.10

October 2022 update for SMART Accounting and SMART Payroll solutions

In October 2022, the regular SMART Localization update has been released. This is a system for organizing and automating the main business processes of a company, consisting of two parts:  

  • SMART Accounting – automation of accounting and tax accounting, 
  • SMART Payroll – automation of HR and Payroll processes.  

If you want to learn more about the solution, welcome to bc.smart-it.com  

Read below for a summary of the main changes. 

  1. The use of the new “Regulated reports” functionality has been introduced to generate the following reports:  
  • IncomeTax Declaration,
  • Annexes AM, RI, PP, PNtotheIncomeTaxDeclaration,
  • Single Tax Declaration,
  • “Enterprise Balance” report,
  • “Financialresultoftheenterprise” report.

The functionality of Regulated Reports allows you to edit the data for submitting a report and save a version of the submitted report in the system. The updates have the basic settings of the current version of the report but must be adapted to each individual company. Stay tuned for the next releases where new report settings will appear.

  1. Functionality has been developed for generating a report on controlled transactions and annexes to it. 

To generate a report, new fields have been added to the Items, Customers, Vendors directories, as well as vendor and customer contract cards.

  1. The process of accounting for low-value consumables (LVCs) on off-balance accounts in the context of financially responsible persons has been automated. 

This modification will be useful if it is necessary to track inventory items that are issued to the responsible employee, but are written off from accounting.

  1. The algorithm for creating payment orders has been supplemented with the “Offer payments to vendors” feature by adding processing of contracts when the “Calculate by vendor” checkbox is enabled. 

This modification should reduce the number of payment orders when multiple vendor invoices are paid at once.

Besides, some bug fixes and improvements in the logic of creating VAT invoices and calculating adjustments to them have been made.

  1. According to the Procedure for submitting e-information on labor activity in the PFU (Resolution of the PFU No. 8-3 of June 02, 2022), functionality has been implemented for creating and maintaining information about the labor activity of employees according to certain types and attributes of staff events. The ability to import information about the employee’s labor activity (based on posted transactions in the system) in electronic form in the form of an XML file has been added for subsequent export through the PFU electronic services web portal.  

It is also possible to update already posted transactions by available types and attributes of staff events. 

  1. A new type of order has been added – Another staff order – designed to register in the system information about staff events that do not relate to staff entries or absences and do not affect the accruals, for example, assigning a rank, passing certification, etc.  

The posted order data is also used to add types and attributes of staff events for subsequent use in e-information about labor activity. 

  1. According to DSTU 4163:2020 on paperwork, variables reflecting the signatory’s own name and surname have been added to the unified forms of staff orders.   

The decryption of the signature will not include the initials and surname of the person signing the document, but his or her Own name and SURNAME will be specified, while SURNAME – in capital letters (format Ivan YUSHCHENKO). The report templates need to be updated. 

  1. The format of the “Notice of employment/concluding a gig contract” report, in case of concluding a gig contract/civil law agreement in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated July 26, 2022, No. 835, has been updated.  
  2. Generation of the “Information on the demand for labor force (vacancies)” according to the form No. 3-PN has been updated. Filling in the address of the organization in the header of the report, as well as the address of the department/organization in the tabular part of the report, has been updated.  
  3. The reasons for dismissal have been updated, new time activity codes have been created, the exclusion days group has been updated when calculating the length of service for the main vacation in accordance with the Law of Ukraine No. 2352-IX dated July 01, 2022.  

There are also Release Notes 2022.10 for Georgia and Azerbaijan.

If you want to download full versions of the releases in PDF format (for Ukraine – in Ukrainian, for Georgia – in Georgian, for Azerbaijan – in English), click on the appropriate buttons below.


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