What are the benefits of SMART Payroll?

Compliant with local laws and labor regulations
Intuitive role-based interface
Rapid implementation of the system
Tools for easy data import and export
100% integration with Microsoft Office, generating reports in Power BI
Regular system updates and maintenance
-80% discount

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Valid for new customers for 2 years and applies to both Business Central licenses and SMART Payroll licenses.

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System capabilities

Staff Management
  • Accounting for labor and civil contracts
  • Unified printed forms of staff orders
  • Arbitrary templates of printed forms of staff orders (with configuration via Word-layout)
  • Automatic generation of the text of the staff order according to text templates
  • Position categories, statistical groups, ranks, automatic determination of the contract terms
  • Using data from the classifier of professions when creating a position
  • Building the structure of units and the structure of employee subordination
  • Simplified administration of units, positions or using orders according to the staffing list
  • Archiving and viewing the Staffing List for any date
  • Attaching external files to directory records
  • Generation of group staff orders
  • System event notifications
  • Integration with SMART HCM & LMS
Time keeping
  • Unlimited number of payroll calendars (work schedules)
  • Shift calendars based on arbitrary work patterns
  • Automatic division of the number of working, evening, night, holiday hours
  • Personal calendars
  • Summarized record of working time
  • Automatic creation of timesheets
  • Correction timesheet with automatic recalculation of accruals and taxes
  • Control of annual paid vacations. Viewing the vacation balance for any date
  • Determination of the best terms of payment for a business trip
  • Cancellation or correction of absence orders
  • Integration with the access system
  • Absence orders
  • Vacation schedule
  • Vacation applications
  • Timesheet П-5
  • Builder for creating calculation algorithms with support for logical functions, arithmetic operations, mathematical functions, variables, constants, rounding, built-in calculation functions.
  • Automatic accounting for staff operations during payroll
  • Calculation for all types of advance payments, preliminary calculation, final payroll calculation, accounting for payroll documents with generation of financial entries
  • Recalculation of document lines, viewing the details of the calculation according to the selected algorithm, control of the calculation data for the average earnings
  • Wage indexation
  • Use of data from other modules of the system (purchases, sales, work) in calculations
  • Workflow for approving payroll documents or payroll document packages for financial accounting
  • Automatic generation of amounts payable for employees and amounts payable for tax authorities
  • Accounting and consumption of reserves for deferred expenses in accordance with accounting policies
  • Control and closure of payroll periods
  • Mailing and/or employee access to payroll information
  • Employee card П-2
  • Employee's Paysheet (pay slip);
  • Paysheets (Forms П-6, П-7)
  • Arbitrary dynamic form of the Paysheet (according to Excel template)
  • Income statements
  • Payroll Sheet
  • Generation of a file for importing a statement to the client bank
  • Vacation balance
  • Report on the writ of execution
  • Absence / Presence of an employee
  • List of employees by date
  • Information about vacancies 3-ПН
  • Power BI reports
Regulated reports
  • FSI calculation statement
  • FSI commission protocol
  • Notice of hiring an employee
  • Statistical reporting 1-ПВ (month, quarter) with export to xml or Excel file
  • Report 10-ПОІ
  • Employment quota report
  • Generation of unified reporting "Persons Taxes Calculation Report", main part, appendices 1, 4, 5. Export to xml.

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