Business Central SMART edition

SMART payroll


A solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for HR and payroll accounting in accordance with applicable labor standards, which is fully adapted to local tax law requirements.

What are the benefits of
SMART Payroll?

Compliant with local laws and labor regulations

Intuitive role-based interface

Rapid implementation of the system

Tools for easy data import and export

100% integration with Microsoft Office, generating reports in Power BI

Regular system updates and maintenance

Want to get an 80% discount on the HR system?

The discount is valid for new customers for 2 years and applies to both Business Central licenses and SMART Payroll licenses.

System capabilities

Staff Management
  • Accounting for labor and civil contracts
  • Unified printed forms of staff orders
  • Arbitrary templates of printed forms of staff orders (with configuration via Word-layout)
  • Automatic generation of the text of the staff order according to text templates
  • Position categories, statistical groups, ranks, automatic determination of the contract terms
  • Using data from the classifier of professions when creating a position
  • Building the structure of units and the structure of employee subordination
  • Simplified administration of units, positions or using orders according to the staffing list
  • Archiving and viewing the Staffing List for any date
  • Attaching external files to directory records
  • Generation of group staff orders
  • System event notifications
  • Integration with SMART HCM & LMS
Time keeping
  • Unlimited number of payroll calendars (work schedules)
  • Shift calendars based on arbitrary work patterns
  • Automatic division of the number of working, evening, night, holiday hours
  • Personal calendars
  • Summarized record of working time
  • Automatic creation of timesheets
  • Correction timesheet with automatic recalculation of accruals and taxes
  • Control of annual paid vacations. Viewing the vacation balance for any date
  • Determination of the best terms of payment for a business trip
  • Cancellation or correction of absence orders
  • Integration with the access system
  • Absence orders
  • Vacation schedule
  • Vacation applications
  • Timesheet П-5
  • Builder for creating calculation algorithms with support for logical functions, arithmetic operations, mathematical functions, variables, constants, rounding, built-in calculation functions.
  • Automatic accounting for staff operations during payroll
  • Calculation for all types of advance payments, preliminary calculation, final payroll calculation, accounting for payroll documents with generation of financial entries
  • Recalculation of document lines, viewing the details of the calculation according to the selected algorithm, control of the calculation data for the average earnings
  • Wage indexation
  • Use of data from other modules of the system (purchases, sales, work) in calculations
  • Workflow for approving payroll documents or payroll document packages for financial accounting
  • Automatic generation of amounts payable for employees and amounts payable for tax authorities
  • Accounting and consumption of reserves for deferred expenses in accordance with accounting policies
  • Control and closure of payroll periods
  • Mailing and/or employee access to payroll information
  • Employee card П-2
  • Employee’s Paysheet (pay slip);
  • Paysheets (Forms П-6, П-7)
  • Arbitrary dynamic form of the Paysheet (according to Excel template)
  • Income statements
  • Payroll Sheet
  • Generation of a file for importing a statement to the client bank
  • Vacation balance
  • Report on the writ of execution
  • Absence / Presence of an employee
  • List of employees by date
  • Information about vacancies 3-ПН
  • Power BI reports
Regulated reports
  • FSI calculation statement
  • FSI commission protocol
  • Notice of hiring an employee
  • Statistical reporting 1-ПВ (month, quarter) with export to xml or Excel file
  • Report 10-ПОІ
  • Employment quota report
  • Generation of unified reporting “Persons Taxes Calculation Report”, main part, appendices 1, 4, 5. Export to xml.

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