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SMART Localization Release Note 2022.07

Changes in generation of a single tax payer’s tax return, changes in average earnings calculation and improvements of SMART Payroll functionality for Georgia and Azerbaijan

In the article, we provide an overview of SMART Localization updates included in Release Note v. 2022.07. We remind you that SMART Localization consists of 2 parts:

    • SMART Accounting – accounting and tax accounting automation.
    • SMART Payroll – HR and payroll processes automation.

    Functionality changes in SMART Accounting for Ukraine

    1. The functionality for generating Sales VAT invoices on a cash basis has been developed.

    If your company has transactions for the supply of goods/services, for which tax liabilities are recognized on the date of payment, then this update is for you.

    1. Recognition of the purpose of payment in the journal of bank payments and automatic application of bank payment operations to sales invoices have been implemented.

    This development significantly speeds up processing of a bank statement, so it becomes possible to speed up the shipment of paid orders.

    1. The work of “Item Turnover”, “Detailed Turnover” and “FA Depreciation Sheet” operational reports has been improved.

    For your convenience, we have made the FA Depreciation Sheet interface more ergonomic, added new filters and columns, as well as added calculating totals to a separate tab.

    1. In connection with the latest changes in legislation, changes have been made to generation of the tax declaration of the single tax payer of the fourth group. A basic setting for the declaration of the single tax payer of the third group has been created for the period of martial law, state of emergency in Ukraine.

    We continue to monitor changes in legislation and make corresponding changes to the system.

    1. The functionality of distributing overhead costs for finished products has been improved.

    This development has further reduced the possibility of a user making a mistake, since this process has been automated as much as possible and where possible.

    Functionality changes in SMART Accounting for Georgia

    1. Bank Integrations – Integration feature with TBC and BOG banks has been improved, new controls have been added in terms of receiving error messages per each payment line sent to bank, internal bank payment functionality has been added. Bug fixes for the integration have also been done within this release. For TBC Bank, the option with Individual Payments has been added along with the Package Payments, since error messages are reverted for Individual Payments only, so a user can choose through Bank Account Card the option to go with.
    1. Declaration Configurations – Profit Tax Declaration and Property Tax Declaration configurations have been implemented through Account Schedules in accordance with the Georgian Tax Code.
    2. VAT Invoices – Bug fixes for VAT Invoices have been done in the last release. Integration is fully functional, and additional features have been added to visualize links with the documents from Posted Invoices through a new Fastab, where user can find information to which posted VAT Invoices are linked. In addition, functionality for linking the Customer Ledger Entries and Vendor Ledger Entries with VAT Invoices has been added in terms of controlling the amounts to be assigned, to make it possible to link the VAT Invoices within the limit of the amount given on the document.
    3. WHT Functionality – has been adapted to Bank Payments to make payment of net amounts when the order amount includes the Withhold Taxes.
    4. VAT Declaration – within last release, the functionality of VAT Declaration has been implemented to automatically calculate the amounts for each VAT Clause; In addition, possibility to attach VAT Invoices to VAT Declarations through RS.GE API has been
    5. Customs Procedures Functionality – has been added for the whole process starting from the purchase, ending with customs clearance. Functionality gives possibility to trace the goods received per each Customs Declaration, as well as all relative operations for outgoing goods from each declaration, with the possibility to track in detail from which declarations to which the movements happened, and what customs operations were performed.

    Functionality changes in SMART Payroll for Ukraine

    1. Changes have been made to the calculation of average earnings in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of April 26, 2022 No. 486, effective from April 29, 2022.

    Changes in the calculation of the average earnings relate to the calculation of bonuses accrued for a period not fully worked: in the calculation of the average earnings, such bonuses will be limited to the amount actually accrued.

    1. Processing of half-year bonuses has been added to the calculation of average earnings.

    Half-year periods are created when payroll periods are created.

    1. Word template of the “Information on demand for labor force (vacancies)” report by the form No.3-PN has been updated.

    According to the Order of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine No. 827-22 of April 12, 2022.

    1. In regulated reports, the format for displaying signatories has been changed to “First Name LAST NAME”.

    “Notice of hiring an employee”, “1-PV (monthly)”, “1-PV (quarterly)”, “3-debt”, “10-POI”, “Information about vacancies” reports.

    1. The possibility of batch posting and deletion of absence orders has been added.
    2. The possibility of specifying the number of the previous order in case of extending the order for other absences has been added.

    In such case, the AE Periods from the previous order are used.

    1. Work has been done to improve performance and optimize time to perform typical processes for the SMART Payroll application version on the BC20 version.

    Functionality changes in SMART Payroll for Georgia

    1. The integration of “Payroll Sheet” with TBC and BOG banks has been improved; UniqueID processing, reconciliation with posted transactions when importing a statement, checking and generating an error log have been added.
    2. The possibility of batch posting and deletion of absence orders has been added.
    3. The possibility of specifying the number of the previous order in case of extending the order for other absences has been added. In such case, the AE Periods from the previous order are used.

    Functionality changes in SMART Payroll for Azerbaijan

    1. The functionality of including deductions in the Average Earnings calculation has been added, as well as including deductions related to bonuses, for further calculation of the bonus amount in the Average Earnings. 
    2. When defining “AE Periods” for vacation, processing of the example has been added when the full month is defined by the first working day in the month.
    3. In the “Benefits and tax exemption” annex to the Declaration, the display of tax benefits has been changed: summation for each employee has been added.
    4. The reports of Settlement and Payroll by P-6 (per employee) and P-7 (total) forms have been added for generation and downloading in Excel format.

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