29 Nov 2022 4 MIN READ
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DIRECTION EMEA 2022: major updates, new features and development paths for Business Central

Recently, one of the most large-scale conferences Microsoft DIRECTIONS EMEA 2022 took place. This is an event where Microsoft partners from all over the world meet to learn and discuss new opportunities and ways to further develop Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The event this year was held in Hamburg, and traditionally, our specialists were among the 3,000 participants. In parallel with the fact that we have already begun to implement new approaches and ideas from the conference, we decided to share with you the main topics discussed at the event.

About opportunities for small and medium businesses

SMB is the fastest growing segment in Microsofts business application portfolio. Dynamics 365 Business Centals SMB customer base has increased by 60% over the past year,” said Microsoft General Manager and Product Marketer Toby Bowers.

In his “do more with less” address, he urged Microsoft partners to look for better ways to implement Business Central, offer tools that can reduce integration costs, and focus on valuable opportunities such as supply chain sustainability and automation, especially when it comes to replacement of outdated systems.

The speakers also shared the results of Microsoft’s research on medium and small enterprises, according to which:

  • 94% of companies in this segment report the negative impact of the pandemic
  • 66% report being affected by rising inflation
  • 40% of European SMEs recorded an increase in labor costs in the last 6 months

Despite this, during a recession, companies continue to invest in operational improvements like modern ERP systems. Microsoft predicts that SMB technology spending will exceed $1.2 trillion in 2022.

As for our market, the situation here is aggravated by war and related economic factors. Investing in solutions that can automate core business processes and improve their efficiency remains one of the top priorities in a resource-constrained environment. This is reinforced by the fact that the lion’s share of our medium and small businesses are now actively looking for an alternative to unreliable russian software. And if you used to associate ERP from Microsoft with a big business, today we offer you to reconsider this, because the vendor has long been moving towards system modularity and providing the ability to implement only the functionality necessary for the customer.

For our part, as a solution integrator, we are actively moving in line with the Microsoft trend: we develop applications and modules, localize and facilitate their implementation for small and medium-sized businesses, providing types of implementations that meet the needs.

A big step forward is that Microsoft provides an 80% discount for Ukrainian businesses on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central licenses, valid for 2 years from the date of ordering new licenses or from the date of renewal of existing licenses.

About current and planned updates

Microsoft has made it possible to access Dynamics 365 Business Central data in Microsoft Teams Reader View. “Teams users can now view data from Business Central without a license,” said product manager Mike Borg Cardona. The feature is available in the Microsoft 365 for Business, Microsoft 365 for Enterprise, and Office 365 for Enterprise plans. So, if your team is already using Microsoft 365 licenses, this new feature will be a welcome bonus.

Read access allows people to access specific data, such as an individual order segment or product information. Important in this feature are the permissions that are controlled by the administrator and determine which records and which users will have access to.

Currently, the feature is available in the desktop version and the browser interface and will soon expand to the mobile version. In addition, the team is actively working on additional industry use cases for the new feature.

If we talk about a comprehensive vision of the Business Central development, the roadmap looks as follows:

An important direction for the solution is its further geographical expansion. To this end, Microsoft is constantly moving towards creating conditions for sale in new countries, and SMART business is ready to provide maximum support in the development and adaptation of the system to labor standards and the requirements of local legislation.

Business Central is currently available in over 100 countries. Among the newly added countries was Georgia. Our team has been working on the localization of the system for the Georgian market for several years. Now every company that has made a decision to transform business processes using the international system can do it without hindrance.

You can follow the updates on the geographical and functional expansion of Business Central on our social networks and in this blog. If you have additional questions about the system capabilities for your business, contact us: sales@smart-it.com


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