11 Nov 2022 4 MIN READ
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Using Business Central?
7 reasons to consider SmartPoint DMS for work with documents

To reduce storage volumes and work conveniently when coordinating or updating documents, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can be supplemented with a solution designed for document management processes – SmartPoint DMS.

SmartPoint DMS is a document management process automation system based on Microsoft platforms and technologies. The system includes a set of tools for monitoring, managing and storing various types of documents, maximizing the efficiency of each business process.

Each document has a unique card and the ability to attach one or more files.

Benefits of integrating an ERP system with SmartPoint DMS

Company growth is accompanied by an increase in the number of processes related to documentation. A significant share of them falls on the ERP system. Agreements, acts, invoices, primary documentation, contracts – all this requires storage space. A large number of documents leads to inefficient use of the Business Central storage.

SmartPoint DMS is based on Microsoft 365 services, which even in the basic version allow you to have more than 1 TB for storing documents.

By integrating SmartPoint DMS into an ERP system, you create a unified environment for managing company processes, in particular, work with documents.

That is, if you have previously automated the main business processes thanks to Business Central, but at the same time continued to work with documents manually or used other unreliable systems, such as 1C Document Management, now is great time to optimize this area of business.

Replace outdated document flow in 1C with efficient document management process in SmartPoint DMS.

More about key system capabilities

  1. Convenient configuration of approval routes

The system has a clear process modeling designer that can be used by an employee without special knowledge of the platforms the system was developed on.

The designer has a user-friendly interface and visualization of both special business process settings and permission rights by roles. If necessary, the designer is preconfigured for the customer’s conditions. In case of replacement, a new executor gets tasks automatically. Changes are instantly displayed in the process visualization.

The process is visualized in the document card in block 4:

Block 4 is a block of visual display of the process, which allows you to track at what step and user the document is. Instead of a role, the full name and position of the user are automatically displayed, which are determined in accordance with the conditions of the business process.

  1. Collaboration on documents

SmartPoint DMS provides storage options for:

  • Comments in the document card (in case of approval or rejection) and in the document chat,
  • Changes, comments, and tasks set when multiple people edit document files at the same time as part of Microsoft 365 collaboration. This format speeds up the process of making edits and file approval. When the Track Changes feature is enabled, the team sees the changes made and can track them through the version history of the file,
  • Files (if you want to upload a new version of a file instead of making changes to the current one).
  1. Work with EDS (QES)

The system supports the use of QES (qualified electronic signatures) with the ability to work with all Accredited Centers of Key Certification of Ukraine. It is possible to store signed document files separately in the system, as well as to collaborate with other organizations using such providers and platforms of Ukraine as VCHASNO, PTAKH and others.

Work is underway to improve the integration capabilities of SmartPoint DMS in the framework of interaction with various international services, such as DocuSign, Acrobat Sign and others. Thus, if you are interested in document exchange within Europe, this tool will come in handy.

  1. Work with documents

Delaying a document at any approval step slows down the process of making/implementing business decisions. With SmartPoint DMS, users work on documents in a convenient format, both in the web version and in the Microsoft Teams app.

Tasks contain all the information necessary for decision making. Therefore, tasks can be approved in email or Microsoft Teams messages, which makes the process more flexible and mobile.

SmartPoint DMS can also be accessed from mobile devices. Whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, you can easily solve issues related to documents on the go.

To get a personal consultation on SmartPoint DMS integration, please contact us at sales@smart-it.com.