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Updates and releases

SMART Localization Release Note 2022.01

In January 2022, SMART Localization update was released. This is a system for organizing and automating main business processes of a company, which consists of two parts:

  • SMART Accounting – automation of accounting and tax accounting.
  • SMART Payroll – automation of HR processes and payroll.

Let us remind you that on November 1, 2021, the localization of the cloud version of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system became available in Ukraine. Administration is now even more convenient! You can work from any device, minimize the cost of on-premises servers and regularly receive functionality updates. 

Waybill printed form has been updated and redesigned for using a Word template. The SMART business team could not ignore the new rules for filling out waybills, in which it is now mandatory to indicate dimensions and weight of the vehicle. The report has also been redesigned using Word template.

Inventory report printed forms have been updated. The “Inventory Sheet”, “Inventory Form” and “Reconciliation Sheet” printed forms are now printed using Word templates, which greatly simplifies changing the formatting, data location, adding necessary or removing unnecessary information without involving the developer.

New capabilities have been added to the Item Turnover page. More information has been added to the Item Turnover. Now turnovers and balances by goods can be detailed by warehouses and financial accounts.

Payment order export logic has been changed in Credit Agricole Bank. Banks update their software periodically, and the SMART business team monitors all changes. For example, Credit Agricole Bank has added such information as a residence sign, address, city, etc. to the details of FX payment order.

FA Inventory Act work logic has been improved and a new printed form of the Inventory Sheet has been developed with a Word template in accordance with the latest recommendations of the Ministry of Finance. It was noticed that the calculation of FA availability for the responsible employees was imperfect and sometimes did not show the real state of affairs. We’ve fixed it, and not only that: we’ve also updated the printed form of the Inventory Sheet.

The standard application code has been updated to version CU30. A description of the current and all previous cumulative updates can be found here. Please pay special attention to this update.

According to the order of the State Statistics Service of June 25, 2021 No. 135, the xlsx and xml forms of reports No. 1-PV (monthly) “Labor Report” and No. 1-PV (quarterly) “Labor Report” have been updated. According to the text of the order, the new forms become valid starting with the report:

  • for І quarter 2022 – No. 1-PV (quarterly) “Labor Report”;
  • for January 2022 – No. 1-PV (monthly) “Labor Report”.

The functionality of importing electronic sick leave certificates in the xml format, that were downloaded from the website of the Pension Fund of Ukraine, has been added with subsequent automatic creation of sick leave orders. With a significant number of sick leaves, this will help to quickly create the required number of orders in the system using data on electronic sick leave from the portal. The functionality supports the search for employees by TIN, passport data, takes into account duplicates and sick leave prolongations.

Salary limits have been updated in accordance with the law “On the State Budget of Ukraine” for 2022. For the correctness of calculations, it is necessary to regularly add new values of the subsistence minimum, minimum wage, maximum base of UST. SMART business team monitors updates and adds them in each release.

The source and functionality for importing consumer price indices have been updated. The automatic index import and indexation percentage calculation report uses updated data source.

The import source of the Classifier of Professions has been updated in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine dated 25.10.2021 No. 810-21. The amendments cancel obsolete and approve new names of qualification groups and professional job titles, as well as change the description of profession classification sections. Job titles in the staffing list must comply with the Classifier of Professions DK 003: 2010.

The “HR Signature Setup” functionality has been added to generate a list of document signers in absence orders, staff list orders, and labor contract lines. It enables to set up a flexible structure of signers for any staff order with subsequent use in printed forms of orders.

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