23 Nov 2021 3 MIN READ
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The cloud version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is now available in Ukraine

On November 1, a cloud version of the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central became available in the Ukrainian market. We have adapted the system to the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, developed a number of solutions that are fully compatible with Business Central for automating the processes of lease accounting, budgeting, purchases, personnel records, etc. and we are working on further development of the solution.

More about the solution

The ERP system adapted by the SMART business team entered the market under the name SMART Localization for Ukraine. The solution makes it possible to set up and automate processes for the effective functioning of a business, namely: management of sales, purchases, production, service, finance and taxes, as well as personnel records and payroll.

The on-premises version of the system has been available in Ukraine for a long time. However, cloud ERP is a significant paradigm shift!

  • IT administration of the system becomes easier.
  • Subscription – like on Netflix: you can change the number of licenses every month if you wish.
  • No more costs for servers and their maintenance.
  • Quarterly system updates and non-scheduled legislative updates.
  • Seamless integration with other solutions of the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • And most importantly, in the era of hybrid work, cloud ERP is becoming very convenient. You can manage business processes from any device, anywhere in the world.

SMART business has been working with the on-premises version of the Business Central ERP system (formerly known as Dynamics NAV or Navision) since the day the company was founded and localized the product for the needs of Ukrainian business. But it was in 2021 that SMART business released a new localized cloud-ready version of ERP.

By offering localization of Business Central, SMART business not only provides clients with Ukrainian translation of the system, but also takes into account local accounting specifics and legal requirements, provides each client with the necessary documentation package and holds free introductory webinars for everyone interested.

What should business owners, CEOs and CFOs know

Firstly, without customizations, the system has a really short implementation time, which is important for small and medium-sized businesses.

Secondly, Microsoft solutions have long ceased to be something that is affordable only to the Enterprise level. Thanks to the “cloud”, ERP from Microsoft is now financially available to even small and medium-sized Ukrainian businesses. See the price list here.

Besides, if your business grows vertically or horizontally, Business Central with its Ukrainian localization is ready for scaling.

What might be interesting for your IT department

If you are innovators and the standard functionality is not enough for your ideas and processes, Business Central is also an easy-code platform built for rapid development.

The system offers an integrated development environment and takes over everything that distracts from the essence, such as interacting with a database or creating interfaces and APIs. At the same time, the infrastructure is reliably covered by the Azure stack. This allows you to focus on what matters most – the processes and optimization of your company’s work.


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