23 Jun 2022 4 MIN READ
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Launch of ERP system Business Central v20. Technical overview

To the attention of all developers, architects and other technical specialists. The SMART business team have attended Dynamics 365 Business Central v20 Launch – an event where Microsoft details new ERP functionality – and now want to share insights with you.

The most important group of features is around security. Added support for granular delegated admin privileges is long waited by both partners and customers. It basically allows to control which administrative roles (and for what period) are granted for the partner by the customer. It is no longer global administrator access or nothing, it is possible to grant e.g. Dynamics 365 Administrator which is enough to manage online environments, and Helpdesk Administrator that allows to support users. Partners receive the options to assign granted roles to their employees by using security groups.

New composite permissions engine allows to create new permission sets by combining and subtracting (!) existing sets and permissions. Administrators now have the opportunity to setup default permissions that are granted to newly added users of each license type.

Very perspective addition to AL language – «inherent permissions» – will put developers in charge and allow them to specify elevated permissions required for their functions. This will clean and simplify permission sets: e.g. to calculate balances it is not required to add G/L Entry to indirect user permissions anymore. 

Reporting engine (which throughout the path of NAV/BC was subject to resource exhaustion and memory overconsumption) was refactored as a part of a general move to .NET Standard to a separate child process. As a result, it will be easier for the main process to conduct garbage collecting and restart it in case of issues.

Server and database are getting faster each release, and v20 is not an exception.

Besides just running faster, new tools are introduced. We can now see database wait statistics and missing indexes information in the client which will allow to make decisions on new keys. For the latter, new help page «Tune nonclustered indexes with missing index suggestions» for SQL Server might become useful.

Another important addition is performance profiler which is now available right in the client. It will allow non-technical users to quickly conduct preliminary analysis and find the «guilty» for further investigation. 

Going back from the backend to the frontend, we can’t skip the longest list of new application features in the modern history of Business Central releases. Project management module gets a lift by bringing many features available in sales, manufacturing, planning, banking and financing get their attention too.

Well known Navigate page is getting a facelift and a global shortcut – Ctrl-Alt-Q. (Compare it to Alt-Q which brings the search pane.)

Talking about shortcuts, Ctrl+F1 now brings a new and much more informative help pane. And Alt+ allows to switch between comma and period which might be useful if you try to enter filters.

Other news include PowerApps connector going out of preview, excel layouts, shopify integration and many more which you may check at the release overview page or by watching virtual launch videos collection.

Friends, if you want to find out what business tasks the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system solves, please visit bc.smart-it.com.

We also draw your attention to the fact that SMART business has many applications that are technically add-ons to the Business Central system. And now we provide a 100% discount on licenses to our solutions for a period of 6 months.

Among the solutions, we advise you to pay attention to SMART Accounting – the adaptation of the ERP-system Business Central to Ukrainian legislation, which completely closes the issues of accounting, tax and management accounting. And SMART Payroll – personnel and salary accounting.


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