14 Dec 2022 6 MIN READ

Tandem of ERP and CRM solutions for automating the work of a sports and entertainment complex in Lviv

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • LS Activity
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • SMART Chat
  • SMART Easy Bot

A premium-class sports and entertainment complex in Lviv, which includes a fitness center, a swimming pool, a children’s park of professions, restaurants, a dance school and other entertainment.

  • Industry: Retail
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Website: leoland.ua
  • Company size: SMB

What is LEOLAND center in Lviv?

This is a country of health and entertainment. In this country, you can do fitness at the UNI FORCE club, learn to play tennis, strengthen your body by swimming in the pool, learn the art of dance or visit a healthy zone with nutritionists, cosmetologists and other highly qualified specialists. And your children can master an “adult” profession in the Kidlandia amusement park, learn the basics of physics or chemistry in practical classes, or become a member of a children’s multisport camp.

One of the visitors noted on the LEOLAND Facebook page that if you enter the center in the morning, there is no chance of leaving earlier than in the evening. So many entertainment and activities are available in the center.

Of course, such a large number of active locations requires a number of automation tools.

Business owners have opted for solutions from Microsoft, namely:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales CRM system
  • A range of connector solutions from SMART business
  • LS Activity from Microsoft partner LS Retail
  • Displaying reporting in Power BI

And they entrusted the entire process of implementing solutions and training staff to SMART business, because for about 15 years specialists have been developing and adapting the entire Microsoft product line.

About the ERP component

At the entrance to different areas of the center you will be met by friendly administrators who will be able to provide comprehensive information about the class schedule, sign you up for a trial lesson or help you pay for the Club Card. In their work, administrators use POS terminals, as well as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and LS Activity solutions.

LS Activity allows companies to cover a wide range of services: scheduling meetings, classes, events, selling tickets and Club Cards, booking resources and equipment, etc. And all this in a single system created on the basis of Business Central.

All information that employees enter into the Business Central ERP system is immediately synchronized with the CRM system, so all information about contacts, sales, receipts is always reliable and up-to-date.

Integration with the corporate accounting system was also implemented.

“The scaling speed deserves special attention in the LEOLAND case. As noted above, there are a dozen different areas in the business: courts, a dance school, entertainment for children. The tennis direction was launched first, after which it became possible to launch each subsequent direction in just a few days.”

Natalya Onyshchuk
СЕО SMART business

About the CRM component

In addition to the fact that LEOLAND visitors can personally contact the administrators, it is possible to communicate through the contact center: by calling or using a chat bot.

The entire customer journey is implemented in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales CRM system. Also, SMART business introduced a number of connectors for the system.

SMART Connector for Binotel. This is an integration of Dynamics 365 and Binotel virtual telephony, which allows LEOLAND employees to advise visitors to the center in a timely and correct manner.

The solution automates the process of receiving calls and records the history of interaction with customers in CRM. Employees can not only call the client directly from the client card in the system, record the conversation and listen to it, but also get detailed call statistics, namely:​

  • Start and end time of the call,
  • Number and duration of calls,
  • Information about incoming and outgoing, new, unique and missed calls.​

It certainly improves the quality of service.

SMART Chat. At the heart of LEOLAND’s business are clients and care for them. That is why communication with the employees of the center should take place through channels that are most convenient for clients.

That is, in messengers people are used to. After the user leaves his or her request in Telegram, the operator receives an instant push notification about a new request and responds to the client directly from the interface of the CRM system. The following features are also implemented in the SMART Chat solution:

  • Determining the priority of the client in the queue depending on the waiting time.
  • Possibility of parallel processing by the operator of several requests at the same time.
  • Processing of calls through different channels in the single window, without switching between systems.
  • Viewing the history of interaction with the client by all operators who communicated with him or her.
  • Tracking the entire journey of the client from the first contact and transition to key events.

And if a LEOLAND client’s request does not need a response from a human operator, but only requires up-to-date information that can be easily taken from the CRM, then the SMART Easy Bot solution comes in handy. Thus, the visitor can quickly remember the number of his of her loyalty card or view the number of bonuses.

The ecosystem of Microsoft solutions and solutions developed by SMART business in the LEOLAND project is as follows:

“Despite a number of integrations, the entire workflow for the employee, and most importantly for the client, is as simple and clear as possible.
Employees work in a single window. They do not need to fill in the same information in multiple systems. Data is not lost or duplicated. For example, a transaction has occurred in the ERP system. Information about this instantly appears in the CRM system. And after 30 seconds, the client can receive up-to-date information on the number of booked classes by phone or in a Telegram bot.
Thanks to a carefully thought-out solution architecture, we can guarantee our clients a high level of service.”

Anastasiia Nosulenko
Head of Reconstruction Project

Marketing automation and analytics in Power BI

All the tools described above are used to work with existing clients. And what about attracting new clients and working with leads?

For the convenience of LEOLAND marketers, 2 connectors were introduced:

  • SMART Connector for Esputnik: automation allows you to send emails through the Esputnik service using recipient lists from the Dynamics 365 Sales CRM system.
  • SMART Connector for GMS to automate SMS and Viber messaging.

Microsoft Power BI is used to easily view marketing activity analytics. Employees of the company see a report on expenses in the context of marketing campaigns.

This makes it possible to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of marketing activities based on numbers, and not on guesses or assumptions. How many new clients did this promotion bring? Which channels are more efficient? Which business areas are in the highest demand? A report in Microsoft Power BI can help answer these questions.

“The story of LEOLAND is a story about smart business management. And about total automation. ERP, CRM, accounting system, instant messengers, email and SMS mailing services, BI system: all this works in a single IT ecosystem with the goal of making the client’s journey as convenient, logical and comfortable as possible.

So that LEOLAND visitors enjoy not only their time in the shopping and entertainment center, but also the impeccable level of service and communication.

We are proud of LEOLAND that, despite the wartime, finds opportunities to work, thus supporting physical state and morale of their clients, and builds a profitable business due to automation, thus providing employees with a possibility to work. In our understanding, this helps perform an important social function for our victory and building a new Ukraine”.

Natalya Onyshchuk
СЕО SMART business