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TMS and WMS implementation on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform at “Elit Ukraine”

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV

“ELIT Ukraine” is a Ukrainian subsidiary of the ELIT group of companies. Company specializes in import and distribution of the spare parts for cars, trucks, commercial transport and motorcycles.

  • Industry: Distribution
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Website: elit.ua

“ELIT Ukraine” specializes in import and distribution of the spare parts for cars, trucks, commercial transport and motorcycles. “ELIT Ukraine” is a Ukrainian subsidiary of the ELIT group of companies, that has been conducting business on the Czech territory for more than 17 years. ELIT belongs to the Italian trade group Rhiag, with a turnover of more than EUR 400 million per year. Today companies of the ELIT group work in Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

In modern Prague warehouse, which area is 12 000 sq.m., there are more than 78 000 products (about 2 million units of auto parts) and it is the center of ELIT international logistics system.


In Ukraine ELIT company in represented in ten cities: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Krivoy Rog, Cherkassy, Lvov, Uzhgorod and Odessa, what allows to work with car services all around the country, regardless of their location.

The need to introduce logistics procedures into the unified information structure of the company, taking into account geographically dispersed subsidiaries, prompted the launch of the highly specialized project on logistics system creation together with SMART business.

The key objectives of the project were: building of the effective warehouse and transport management system, where the entire list of logistic procedures is presented, with consideration of the company’s rapid development and continuously changing special needs of the client’s customers, as well as creation of the single information space covering Kiev and Czech offices.


WMS and TMS solutions on Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform were chosen, because they mostly corresponded with the needs of the company.

WMS (Warehouse Management System) — the system that provides automation of warehouse processes management.
TMS (Transport Management System) — the system that provides automation of the traffic and cargo management.

Both solutions are based on standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality and are closely integrated with each other.

SMART WMS Solution allows to automate storage operations records, to accelerate its implementation and accuracy, to break the processes into simple operations (including facilitation of data entering into the system), while carrying out complicated system of the material flow. All unique applications, in both solutions, are done the way that standard functionality and the given solution can work simultaneously.

Interfaces of the solution are adapted to the work with wireless data collection terminals, providing convenience for the end user, who works in a warehouse.

SMART TMS Solution allows to automate the process of planning and transportation management, to accelerate their implementation, to provide control and records accuracy. Documents of the system that can be included in the shipping and tariffs calculation: purchase order, return purchases, sales order, return of sale, transfer (between warehouses), warehouse shipping (shipping from the warehouse without invoices). To create routs on the graphic cards in SMART TMS solution Google Maps or Microsoft MapPoint are used.

«Implemented system allowed “ELIT Ukraine” to organize remote maintenance and to provide the access for the users all around Ukraine, as well as to establish a system on information exchange with the Czech office, minimizing the human factor and eliminating errors».

Kirill Rudnev
Sales Director, SMART business


Thus, “ELIT Ukraine” acquired not only a powerful tool, which serves to increase commodity turnover, in general controlling the efficiency of storage space, but also the system with the possibility of further functional buildup and scalability. Detailed accounting of such parameters as: weight, location, volume, route, the carrier and so on, inbound and outbound traffic, considerably decreased transport costs and increased the effectiveness of transport use.

«Due to the solution, implemented by SMART business, costs decreased, what resulted in better effectiveness of storage space management, the object, ordered from Prague, will reach Kiev in one week because of operative logistics, and from Kiev it will reach any other Ukrainian region during 24 hours».

Sergey Koblinskiy
General director, ELIT Ukraine

Additional information

“ELIT Ukraine” is a leading auto parts supplier for the cars, trucks, commercial transport and motorcycles. The company offers comprehensive solutions for car service: eTECH grounded on VIVID data base for repair work that allows to calculate the cost of the renovation according to the assigned standard-hour, to track the history of orders and client base, eCAT-system of the on-line catalogue for choosing and ordering auto parts, including B2B orders through the Internet.

For more details on products and services of the company “ELIT Ukraine” please call +38 (044) 501-35-00 or visit the site www.elit.ua.

SMART business is a rapidly growing consulting company that provides modern solutions for the effective business management, services in the sphere of implementation and development of the business systems by Microsoft company on Microsoft Dynamics platform for the enterprises of different spheres and types of ownership.

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