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Ecosoft together with SMART business takes its own approach to the implementation and scaling of information systems

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Ecosoft is an international manufacturer of equipment and technologies for water purification and treatment in Ukraine. Over 30 years of operation, the company has become a market leader.

Since 2015, Ecosoft has shown annual growth of 20-25%. This growth not only promotes intensive development, but also increases the burden on staff and information systems. In 2013–2014, the issue of automation became acute: it was necessary to expand production and warehouse facilities. Another challenge for planning and interaction between production and sales was management of the assortment matrix of the company: the out-of-stock situations were regular. The lack of a modern information system made it impossible to effectively manage a growing business. This became a signal for the search and implementation of an ERP system for resource planning and production, automation, and integration of many business processes.

At the same time, the expansion of the distribution system made it necessary to implement a CRM system to automate work with clients, optimize marketing and sales, provide services and technical support.


  • Website: ecosoft.ua
  • Country: Ukraine, Germany
  • Industry: water purification and treatment
  • Customer size: medium (101-500 employees)
Client profile

Ecosoft is the largest manufacturer of equipment and technologies for water purification and treatment in Ukraine. The company is part of BWT – a global leader in water treatment equipment – and supplies products to 60 countries worldwide.

Implementation stages: step by step

The digitalization project in Ecosoft started with Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation.

“We started our digitalization journey from the Ecosoft’s sales office in Germany. The ERP system had to be implemented in accordance with the European standards, in German and together with the staff in the local office. With our implementation partner, SMART business, we quickly and successfully performed this transition”.

Andrii Salatskyi,
CFO of Ecosoft

Following Germany, the system was implemented in Ukraine. The second implementation was much more difficult due to fragmented production and multiple flows that limited the capabilities of the standard system. To comply with the specifics of the enterprise, the ERP and CRM systems were additionally developed and integrated.

“Ecosoft is the best example of when classic production is transformed into digital production, and the company, following market changes, builds real flexible business management.
Integrated with IoT and Power BI technologies, Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC brings the previous automation system to the level of Intellectual Enterprise Management”.

Kirill Rudnev,
a managing partner of SMART business

Implementation in an operating company that is growing by 20% annually is a big challenge. To mitigate the risks, Ecosoft decided to use the standard functionality of the system. This made it possible to continue building momentum, rather than address the issues of in-depth customization.

“It’s absolutely normal when both teams – on customer’s and on partner’s side – gather so that key users could openly share their problems, concerns, fears, and expectations. This makes it possible to correctly pave the way for implementation and minimize future risks on the one hand, and determine the amount of functionality that will be most demanded at the first stage – on the other hand. This is the path we followed with the Ecosoft team. In total, this enabled creating a step-by-step highly mobile work plan and move towards the goal without harming the processes and production”.

Maskym Yesypenko
project manager

An important step was the introduction of the accounting module, SMART Accounting. Ecosoft became one of the first companies in Ukraine to transfer regulated reporting to Dynamics NAV.

Implementation of a CRM system – Microsoft Dynamics 365 – also had its peculiarities for the company.
Ecosoft independently collects client orders and submits them for execution to partners who directly supply, install and maintain the equipment. In turn, the company is responsible for the execution of each order. The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 made it possible to work in a single system with partners, control the service level at every stage and respond quickly to failures, and integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV made it possible to automate the settlements with partners.

The partner distribution and service system in Ukraine is one of the key assets of the company. Ecosoft provided partners with the capability to work in a CRM system that meets the company’s requirements for information completeness and transparency, facilitates processes, reduces labor costs and simplifies communication.

Ecosoft follows the same path to expand the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Personal cabinets for clients have been created and the process of placing orders, which previously took place through disparate channels, has been simplified as much as possible.

After the basis was created for both standard and specific processes, the Ecosoft team was able to analyze the situation and make decisions thanks to the implementation of Microsoft Power BI. Today analytical reports are used in the company at all levels. A single information base, relevance and updateability of data facilitate management to a great extent.

“The Connected Sales, Connected Service, Connected Field Service, Connected Product Innovation approach says that all systems of a manufacturing enterprise form a single field, the core of which is a central data warehouse. Our task is to build processes so as to quickly process this data in real time, where analytical reporting based on BI systems does an excellent job, helping not only to understand what happened and why, but also to understand what steps to take next”.

Kirill Rudnev,
a managing partner of SMART business

The company is now at the stage of implementing CRM to B2B.

“Work with industrial clients involves long cycles. At the same time, we need to accurately and subtly track the products that clients use in order to provide a high level of service”.

Andrii Salatskyi,
CFO of Ecosoft

Long-term benefits

In 2018, Ecosoft became part of the BWT group, the global leader in the production of water treatment and purification systems. BWT uses Microsoft products and requires subsidiaries to implement them. The presence of a similar technological basis helped Ecosoft to communicate with the holding in “the same language”, reduced labor costs at the integration stage and made it possible to avoid re-implementation of ERP and CRM systems.

Ecosoft confidently develops digital culture and not only implements information systems, but also takes its own approach to increasing their functionality.

“Automation and implementation of information systems is not the point that we’ve reached to stop. This is a continuous process that evolves with business and technology. This is a journey. And I wish us all the best of luck on this journey!” 

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