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SMART Localization Release Note 2021.07

Regular upgrade of SMART Localization for Ukraine.
The most important updates include the following:

SMART Accounting

  • New interface that makes it possible to automatically generate an act of changing the sales price;
  • Extended functionality of applying prepayments to unposted documents and its availability for the Service module;
  • Extended functionality of “VAT invoice registration validation” for uploading incoming VAT invoices and adjustment calculations, as well as for importing a VAT Invoice Register;
  • “New features on the G/L Source Turnover page to view all the
  • necessary information in one place;”

SMART Payroll

  • New controls and rules for displaying operations in the appendices of the “Persons Taxes Calculation Report” have been added;
  • For the “Calculation Type”, the capability of specifying the associated calculation type has been added;
  • The capability of copying some lines of the payroll calendar settings to another payroll calendar, as well as the capability of re-generation of lines according to the new settings, have been added;

To learn more about the changes, please read the “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SMART Localization Release Note”, a document outlining the improvements and changes in the functionality of the SMART Localization solution included in the regular upgrade 2021.07.

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