07 Jul 2021 3 MIN READ
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Enhanced capabilities of accountants and simplified work of HR managers: what’s new in SMART Localization 2021.07 release

We traditionally start the new quarter with the presentation of the SMART Localization system upgrade!

This solution allows organizations to implement the tasks of accounting and tax accounting in accordance with the requirements of local legislation, helps to take into account the specifics and timely respond to changes in the legal framework.

The SMART business team has prepared a number of functional improvements that are important for users in the SMART Localization 2021.07 release.

This time, it’s not just clear and concise, but also funny – to fit your summer work mood.

SMART Accounting

  1. An interface has been developed that makes it possible to automatically generate an act of changing the sales price.

Spoiler: and even the adjustment calculation to it is generated automatically!

  1. The functionality of applying prepayments to unposted documents has been expanded. It is now available for the Service module.

Build your service business confidently, provide the best services to your customers, and SMART Localization will help you do that.

  1. The functionality of “VAT invoice registration validation” has been extended. A user can download incoming VAT invoices and adjustment calculations, as well as import a VAT Invoice Register.

You now need to decide what to spend the free time on. After validating VAT invoices, of course 🙂

  1. New capabilities have been added to the G/L Source Turnover page.

The ones that make it possible to view everything at once in one place.

  1. More cases for reversing operations and cancelling documents with the “Red Storno” method have been added.

What do we say to high turnover in financial accounts? – Now only actual ones!

  1. The “Customer Reconciliation Act” and “Vendor Reconciliation Act” reports have been improved. Reversal and adjustment operations have been excluded.

Yes, sometimes you make mistakes. But your counterparties won’t know about it.

  1. Accounting for cost adjustment has been implemented for Purchase Credit Memo on a separate financial account.

There will be less unidentified amounts on the cost transit account and more understanding of where to look for discrepancies.

SMART Payroll

  • New controls and rules for displaying operations in the appendices of the “Persons Taxes Calculation Report” have been added
    • Distribution of military tax amounts in Appendix 4 has been changed.
    • The display of transfer operations in Appendix 5 has been changed.
    • The display of alimony payments in Appendix 4 has been fixed.
    • The display of full name in xml in Appendix 1 has been fixed.

The more friendly the system interface, the more friendly the specialist working with the system. 🙂

  1. For the “Calculation type”, the capability of specifying the associated calculation type has been added. Elements of the associated calculation type will be added to the payroll document only if elements from the original type were added. This makes it possible to reduce the number of lines in the payroll document.
  1. The capability of copying some lines of the payroll calendar settings to another payroll calendar, as well as the capability of re-generating lines using new settings, have been added.

These are just a few of the major updates in the SMART Localization 2021.07 release. To see the full list of functionality improvements, follow the link:

To learn about other updates and system capabilities, email us at
sales@smart-it.com or submit a request.

You can confidently develop your business, and SMART Localization will ensure that it is conducted in accordance with the requirements of local legislation and with due allowance to the specifics and changes of the legal framework.


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